Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding: in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Family at Fountain of Youth

We had a great visit with Dan, Tawni and boys.  Never long enough.  We went into Palm Springs on Wednesday to hook up with them.  Did the Costco run before we met and I must say I longed for our Albany Costco.  Tons of fairly rude people, parking terrible and all in all a bad experience .  We met at the Fishermen's Market and had a good lunch and visit.  Few showers that day.

The next day they came out to FOY.  Dan headed for the pool to catch some rays and the boys were ready for the desert on the ATV's.  Jim was kind enough to take one of the boys with him.  The boys took turns driving the RZ and the Terx.  Seems Mack is more the speed demon - look out 16 in 4 months.
 Mack and Jim getting ready to go
 I think Dan got the rays he wanted

getting ready to leave at sunset

Friday was a low key day as was Saturday.  Friends from Junction City came and ended up right beside us.  We met them last year at FOY and they have returned for 2 months.  Glad we got to see them before we left.  They plan to come to Quartzsite this month to see the RV show and will park at our lot.

Gary and I took a little ride Saturday on a sandy road like a dune trail.  It is my favorite and I drove.  Pretty cold though we were bundled up good.

Left this morning for Q and the traffic was steady.  Everyone coming home from vacation.  Nice to get back in our little spot.  Gary flying out tomorrow for home to bring our jeep down here.  I am not thrilled about driving back thru Phoenix, but a good time of day so hope all goes well.  Send some prayers up.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fountain of Youth

We arrived Sunday at noon.  Easy trip from Quartzsite 2 hours.  We were going to dry camp here, but I decided to get hook ups.  Our water heated is not working which involves the furnace also, so at least can run the electric heater.  Have a very nice spot just down the road from Jim and Linda.  Great view with beautiful palm trees in front.
This is Monday morning and as you can see it is a beautiful day.  The weather forecast is looking dismal for the end of the week, so we decided to take a ride today.  Jim and Linda were on board so off we went.  Headed South from the park and ended up at the beginning of the Glamis dunes, which is a huge area going to the border.  It is very popular, but as we were at the very start, there was little activity.  A little different than our Oregon dunes - not quite as tall and more dips and bowls.  Plenty challenging though. 

Was a great day for riding did 70 miles.  Thanks Jim and Linda for showing us the way.

Dan, Tawni and boys are in San Diego and will be heading to Palm Springs tomorow or the next day.  The weather doesn't look good, but at least they have had 3 good days.  They can veg in our hot tubs here nice and warm.  Looking forward to seeing them.

We are taking the motor home into Indio today to have  work done on the water heater system.  We are lucky as there is a mechanic very familier with this system here in Palm Springs.  He is down from La Pine for the winter so will be meeting us there. 

Gary is down at the flying field and I need to get out for a walk.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Settled in Quartzsite

I have been remiss in blogging, so will try to get back on track.

We arrived in Quartzsite the 1st of November and stayed in the desert.  It happened to be the week of 90 degree weather, so was pretty warm.  We were driving around town and found a lot for rent and called to get info about it.  Rent was $125 plus power and water.  Seemed a no brainer for us so in we came.  It is a small corner lot with 2 nice trees.  We did some trimming and raking (instead of mowing) and here we are.

Very nice neighbors - most of them from Utah.  People behind and next to us are from Southern Cal and only come over occasionally so very quiet.  Lots of quail and the  gold finch came flocking in the minute I put out the thistle seed.  Also bunnies that enjoy petunias hence keeping the plants off the ground.

Have settled into a routine.  Gary goes to the field to fly most every morning depending on the wind.  We have gotten involved at the Alliance church and joined the choir so Wed am is practice.  I have a Bible study on Tues and then there are jams every day and night.  So you can get involved as much or little as you want.

Dave and Verna Dee Christopher are in a park at Hope which is about 30 miles east of us.  We have enjoyed visiting with them and plan to do some riding.  We found a utility trailer in Phoenix so we can trailer the RZ without having to pull the big cargo trailer.  Have been looking for a Jeep wrangler and found several here, but when we looked into actually purchasing one licensing and getting insurance seemed like too much trouble.   So we called  home and low and behold, they just happened to have one on the lot.  So we went ahead and got it.  Gary is going to fly home on the 3rd and drive it back down.  There is a lot of exploring we can do with it.  The main goal is the ability to put it in the cargo trailer so I don't have to drive separate.  Although will have to tow it home behind the pickup..

We licensed the RZ so we can drive it on the streets.  It makes it nice when we both have to go somewhere at the same time.  No matter where you live in town, it is only a matter of minutes and you are on your way for a ride.

The town is very busy in January and February - huge RV show and gem and mineral.  Traffic is awful and lined up for miles with people trying to get in.  Luckily we are in walking distance to all that. We have friends coming in for it so have a good place for them to park.

We spent Christmas day with the church family for dinner.  Way too much to eat.  We certainly miss our family and friends at home.  We are leaving tomorrow for the Salton Sea to spend a week.  The kids are coming to Palm Springs so will be closer to visit. Looking so forward to seeing them  wish that Scott could have come too.  So nice to have this lot as we can leave the cargo trailer and other stuff and have it be safe.   Hoping the weather will be nice for them.  Sunny again but a little cool.

We are very thankful in this beautiful season for all the blessing God have provided.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Moab Utah

This area is very popular and very busy.  There are so many activities – jeeps,atv’s  mountain biking, climbing, hiking, rafting, plus the National Parks.  It seems a little like Sisters but larger.

We parked in a RV park as we didn’t know the availability of BLM camps.  Normal park although we were able to do a pull through so didn’t have to unhook the trailer. The best part of this was the couple next us.  He is a professional photographer living in Flagstaff and was in Moab on a photo trip.  Well need I say more that he and Gary hit is off.  Gary actually has a lens that he would like and he helped Gary with photo programs.  They were very easy to be with and both of us had a good time visiting.

Checked out 2 BLM camps that would have worked for us, but we decided to stay put as you have to travel for atv riding and had thunder showers causing the trails to be pretty muddy.

Did both National parks, Arches and Canyon lands with many side roads.  The area excels in dramatic red cliffs and deep ravines.  Every turn in the road brings another vista that is breath taking.  Weather was a little wet, but goes thru so quickly you don’t really mind.

After 3 nights we decided to head South.  We went straight South on 191 and played tagged all day with thunder showers.  Had one strike of lightening right off my door.  I am sure it was far off, but didn’t feel like it.   We were fortunate that we stayed on the edge of them.  Rain drops are HUGE like saucers hitting the windshield.

The terrain was never without character during the 500 mile trip.  Yes I said 500 miles.  We had planned on staying in Show Low, but the Wal Mart wasn’t conducive to parking so we decided to make for Globe. It was quite a trip down  steep canyons and then of course back up.  Back in forests of junipers and pines.  Made it just before dark and turned into a Wal Mart.  We were pretty tired needless to say and after getting all settled a knock on the door from the manager stating no overnight parking.  aghhhhhhhhhhh.  by that time there were 2 other rigs parked next to us.  No signs posted so after much discussion, she made an exception and allowed us to stay.  We need to be more proactive in our search of places to stay.  After looking on the net, there are many Wal Marts in AZ that have no overnight parking.  Up to the individual managers.

Next day was an easy trip 150 miles to Benson which is 40 miles East of Tucson just off I 10.  We are in an Escapee’s park.  Have a nice roomy lot  as the owners rent their lots out when they aren’t here.  On the front row so a great view of the desert and mountains.  Desert birds are back, quail, doves, hummingbirds and finches.  Put my plants out they have been riding in the back of the pickup so a little beat up but not bad.

Plan on staying here for a week then on to Quartzsite or the mining camp of Stanton.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

End of a Week in Marysvale


It is Saturday night, we are packed up and ready to pull out in the morning.

Has been a great week with weather to match although a little on the cool side in the higher elevations.  We rode everyday except Tuesday, when we enjoyed a trip to Bryce Canyon.

Took a side road there that went thru cattle ranches and alfalfa fields.  Did get to see a herd of antelope also.  The houses are mostly brick or stone and are quite nice.  Bryce was awe inspiring not enough adjectives to describe it.  A hikers dream – trails all thru the bottom of the canyon.  We did not partake need to be in a lot better shape than we are for sure.












Gary really got some great pics, these are my feeble attempts.

The ATV riding is so free here.  On one ride we were on the highway for several miles.  Go into the gas stations and fill up.  It is more friendly than Arizona for sure.

Yesterday Gary wanted to ride separate so I drove the RZ.  We were are 11,100 feet and above the tree line. Here is what it looked like with me following.


I kept my eyes off the canyon and straight ahead as it is a longggggggggg way down.


Here he is coming down a side trail that led up to a small miners cabin.  Glad I didn’t follow him on that one.  Lots of history with many mining camps dotted thru the mountain.  It is hard to imagine the hardships they went thru in the late 1800 and early 1900.  Gives you an appreciation of all you have. 

We have met so many nice and helpful people.  Most of them from Utah, so they are a wealth of information.  We will be on the road to Moab tomorrow.  The weather is taking a turn with rain and thunder storms in this area and to the South.  Looks like just one rainy day there so hopefully they are right.  We plan to stay in the BLM camping, but will have to see how it looks.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Marysvale, Utah


Arrived yesterday afternoon.  Two RV parks in this small town (store, gas station, Baptist and LDS church), we chose the newer of the two as has tons of room for the trailer.  Owners are very friendly and accommodating.  Surrounded with mountains and riding out of the park in any direction.

We were invited to ride with 3 other couples today.  That is the great thing about RVers no one is a stranger.  They live in Utah in the Provo area so are very familiar with the area.  Was to be a short ride as one of the ladies is not as experienced.  So 60 miles and 4 hours later we made the loop.

We are in a valley with alfalfa fields, sage brush and small juniper trees.  Started into the mountain with rock walls on each side and a winding stream.  The fall foliage is at different stages according to elevation.  Lower has oak, maple, cottonwood which were beautiful.  By the time we were at 10,000 feet, yes, I didn’t add too many 0’s, we were in aspen and fir.  It was a great road actually for jeeps and pickups.  Nothing too steep or rutted.  We had snow at the summit and pretty muddy going.

I was so impressed with the aspen.  They are great white sentinels along the road and meadows.



Gives you a feel of the terrain.  We would have taken many more pictures, but didn’t want to hold the group up.  Plenty of time to do that this week, when we are riding by ourselves.  Have a feeling it will take a long time to make a ride as every corner there is a picture.

The group left to go to Bryce and ride for a few days, they kindly invited us to go, but as we had just gotten here, didn’t want to break camp so soon.

They may hook up with us at Moab as they are wanting to ride there and of course know the area well.

The weather is sunny and cool.  Had to dig out the winter gear for riding - the higher the elevation the cooler the temp.  Forgot sun screen today and both our faces are pretty red.  Looks good for sun this week and then showers for the weekend.  They tell us Moab is 10 degrees warmer.

The LDS steeples are prominent in all the little towns in the valley.  Friday night we were hunting a place to stay and thought about pulling into their parking lot, then again NOT.  Had planned on a Wal Mart in Tooele, but that was not to be.  Very busy and no easy in and out so continued on down the path.  The Garmin failed us told us to turn right and should have been left.  Doesn’t sound like much, but when you are 66 feet long, you don’t turn around on a dime.

All in all and great trip with no mishaps.  Thanks to all who have been praying for a safe trip.  Prayers answered!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

On Our Way- Burns First Stop


We spent 3 nights in Eugene.  First at Valley River which was very nice.  If we had arrived earlier, we could have walked the path along the river.  Scooted out of there early and headed for the alignment place.  Out of there by 11 and then over to the RV lot for the work on the motor home.  They got started on the solar panels and we goofed around Eugene.  Stayed in their lot that night.  A little different than the range.  Lots of light and noise (trains near by).

We were all ready this morning and went to put the hitch on the motor home and alas it was too long.  Luckily Gary’s brother works at a welding shop just down the road so we zip over there and had it cut. Left Eugene at noon.

Beautiful drive up the McKenzie pass.  It certainly is the easiest of the passes.  I followed so can see if there are any problems.  Leaves are getting to the end of their brilliance.  As we were coming into Sisters I told Gary say good by to Douglas Fir, blackberries, maples and brush in general.  He stated we were trading blackberries thorns for another type of sticker.

We are in a nice rest area 20 miles West of Burns.  Got here just at sunset, so Gary was out shooting pics.  Nice path up the hill so got in a little walk too.



As I traveled along behind, it seems so bizarre to think that this is it our home going down the road. 

Certainly a new chapter in our lives.